"Board of Elections Does Not Exist to Manipulate Races": Sheppard Speaks Out, Seeks BOE Appointment

(WXIR-Rochester) Natalie Sheppard is looking to become the next Democratic Commissioner of the Monroe County Board of Elections. 

Sheppard sent a letter to members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee and County Legislature laying out her qualifications for the post.

This comes after the Board of Elections determined Sheppard had not reached the number of valid signatures needed to appear on the ballot for the 137th Assembly District primary this June.

"The Board of Elections does not exist to manipulate races and essentially predetermine the outcome of elections," Sheppard says.

"When I realized that I was being unjustly treated by personal and political biases that the authoritative figure allowed to infiltrate the process, I made the choice to stand up for what is right."

In this interview with WXIR's Darien Lamen, Sheppard speaks out about the grip political factions have on local politics, and about her desire to "level the playing field" for those seeking to participate in local elections as candidates and voters.