"Chalk Their Names" Event Mixes Art, Activism, and Public Health


(ROCHESTER, NY) -- On October 8th, people gathered in Rochester's MLK Park for the “Chalk Their Names” event, hosted by Project AIR.

Chalk was provided and the public was encouraged to participate in covering the old fountain area of the park with the names of victims of police violence. The space has been painted black since June to serve as a backdrop for expressions of social justice. 

Included in the event Thursday was music, free COVID-19 testing, and a visit from the Hoop Bus. 

The Hoop Bus started when the BLM protests came to Venice, California and the organizers decided to re-dedicate the already existing project to social justice and the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

The Hoop Bus has travelled across the country raising funds to refurbish old basketball courts in neglected communities. They stopped in Rochester after traveling from California to Washington D.C., selling t-shirts for donations and partnering with Curative Inc. to offer free COVID-19 oral swab testing.


LESLIE HANNON is a photographer and volunteer reporter for Reclaiming the Narrative. She can be reached at wxirnews@gmail.com.