Cuomo Touts Wage Increase for Tipped Workers, But Quietly Excludes Largest Segment of Them

(WXIR-Rochester) New York State announced last week that it will phase out the use of a subminimum wage for about 70,000 tipped workers by the end of 2020. The change will apply to people working in "miscellaneous" service industries, like nail and hair salons, dog groomers, doormen.

However, it will not apply to the largest segment of tipped workers--waiters, bartenders, and bussers.

The decision to quietly exclude restaurant workers from the wage raise comes after massive pressure from a conservative advocacy group funded by restaurant owners.

For more, we speak with Mohini Sharma, lead organizer for Metro Justice and a former tipped worker, who participated in the One Fair Wage campaign to end New York State's subminimum wage.