Independent Investigation into City's Handling of Prude Death Finds Plenty of Fault to Go Around

ROCHESTER NY--An independent investigation into the City of Rochester's handling of Daniel Prude's death last year has concluded.

The months-long investigation, conducted at City Council's request by the law firm of Andrew Celli, published a report of its findings Friday morning.

Among the key conclusions of the investigation are that Mayor Lovely Warren and other top officials knew Daniel Prude's death had occurred and been caused by RPD physical restraint by mid-April.

The investigation reached the conclusion that "the decision not to publicly disclose these facts rested with Mayor Warren."

However, the report also notes that former RPD Chief La'Ron Singletary "disclosed but consistently deemphasized the role of police restraints in the death of Daniel Prude" and that this "likely impacted how the City officials he informed of the matter viewed what

had occurred."

The report also found the City's top attorney, Tim Curtin, discouraged the mayor from going public with information about the case in August "citing reasons that were factually incorrect, legally without basis, or both."

The report also found that City Councilmember Mary Lupien learned of the Prude arrest in July from the family's attorney but decided not to go public or alert city officials.

You can download the full report below:

Final Report of the Independent Investig
Download • 2.58MB

Supporting documents from the investigation can be found at: