Our Most-Read Stories of 2020... Plus Some You May Have Missed

(ROCHESTER NY)--2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. Through it all, we at Reclaiming the Narrative have done our best to keep you informed and asking the right questions.

We've brought you coverage of the community response to the pandemic, police violence, evictions, elections, and so much more.

This year, we branched out from our original mission of audio reporting to produce over 100 print stories on our newly launched website, plus dozens of photo essays, "forensic video" reports, and livestreams.

And we did this while developing the next generation of volunteer citizen journalists--people like you!

And now without further ado, here are our most-read stories of 2020, along with some other noteworthy ones you may have missed. We'll see you in 2021!


Most-Read Stories of 2020

5. Amidst GOP Outrage, Advocates Say There's Nothing Controversial About Restoring the Vote to Parolees

October 27, 2020 -- In the lead-up to early voting this fall, local right-wing pundits and politicos attempted to generate controversy around the release of Jalil Muntaqim, a man who won parole and allegedly registered to vote.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/amidst-gop-outrage-advocates-say-there-s-nothing-controversial-about-restoring-the-vote-to-parolees

4. Being Black in America During COVID-19 a Deadly "Underlying Condition"

April 9, 2020 -- Back in March, Monroe County reported its first death due to COVID-19. Alvin Simmons was a 54-year-old African American man who worked at Rochester General Hospital. Although officials have stopped reporting the racial demographics of cases locally, we know African Americans like Simmons have been especially hard hit by the virus.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/opinion-being-black-in-america-during-covid-19-a-deadly-underlying-condition

3. Evicted Mother Makes a Stand, and Rochester Community Stands With Her

December 20, 2020 -- Rochester housing activists engaged in civil disobedience to protest the eviction of a single mother this December. Dozens of RPD officers responded to carry out the eviction, arresting a state Assemblymember in the process.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/an-evicted-mother-makes-a-stand-and-rochester-community-stands-with-her

2. Rochester City Council Looks to Reconsider Recent Vote on RPD Substation Financing

September 8, 2020 -- Mayor Lovely Warren's goal of building 3 additional police precincts as part of a "community policing" redesign suffered a set-back in the wake of Daniel Prude's death at the hands of the RPD. City Council voted in September to rescind its previous approval for financing of the planned police station on East Main Street.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/rochester-city-council-may-reconsider-recent-vote-on-rpd-substation-financing

1. I Was Arrested While Covering BLM's Curfew Protest; Here's What the Mainstream Media Missed

July 17, 2020 -- Rochester Police Officers arrested Black Lives Matter protesters, legal observers, and a reporter in July as they sought to enforce a mayoral curfew order whose constitutionality has been challenged in court. The charges against many of those arrested have since been dismissed.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/i-was-arrested-while-covering-blm-s-curfew-protest-here-s-what-the-mainstream-media-missed


5 Stories You May Have Missed

"All This Over Coffee?" Family Speaks Out About 7-Eleven Incident

September 30, 2020 -- Reporter Vicky Kushner spoke with a family who filmed a viral video at a 7-Eleven following what they described as a racial profiling incident.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/all-this-over-coffee-family-speaks-out-about-7-eleven-incident

"Make Him a Suspect:" Documents Show How RPD Villainized Daniel Prude from Day One

September 25, 2020 -- Jason Taylor and Matthew Treadwell took a deep dive into the paper trail surrounding Daniel Prude's death at the hands of RPD officers... and make some troubling discoveries.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/make-him-a-suspect-documents-show-how-rpd-villainized-daniel-prude-from-day-one

Live ROC Event Raises $30K in COVID Relief for Artists of Color in Rochester

April 17, 2020 -- Arts reporter Abi Clark followed the early efforts to support local artists during the COVID shutdown, including a virtual benefit concert.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/live-roc-event-raises-nearly-20k-in-covid-relief-for-artists-of-color-in-rochester

Rochester Voters Energized by Early Voting at Genesee Valley Park

October 28, 2020 -- Reporter Leslie Hannon spoke with voters at one of Monroe County's early voting sites on the first day of a historic presidential election.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/rochester-voters-energized-by-early-voting-event

Rochester Charter Schools Received Millions in PPP Loans, Even as One Was Expecting a Budget Surplus

July 18, 2020 -- Darien Lamen and Ritti Singh took a look at where the money from the Paycheck Protection Program went locally, and found that the majority of charter schools in Rochester received the "small business" loans on top of the usual public funding.

Read more at: https://www.reclaimingthenarrative.org/post/rochester-charter-schools-received-millions-in-ppp-loans-even-as-one-was-expecting-a-budget-surplus