Ravi Mangla On New York State's "Reverse Robin Hood" Budget

NYS Governor with NYS Senate and Assembly Leaders

(WXIR-Rochester) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been reaping praise for his response to the COVID-19 crisis.

But for many, Cuomo’s emergence as what Nick Pinto of The Intercept calls America’s Crisis Daddy has been allowed to overshadow a stark reality: that the governor has continued to pursue an austerity budget agenda even in the face of the worsening pandemic.

Flat-funding for education aid, a partial rollback of bail reform, aggressive Medicaid reform, as well as the power to make budget cuts mid-year--these were some of the controversial measures Gov. Cuomo had been seeking that lawmakers approved this week.

Ravi Mangla, Political Educator for Citizen Action NY

Citizen Action of New York is a progressive statewide organization that has been holding virtual press conferences to keep the focus on many of these issues this budget season.

Ravi Mangla is political educator for Citizen Action, and he spoke with WXIR's Darien Lamen about this week's state budget vote and its implications for working people, Black and Brown people, and for democracy.