Rochester City Council Goes On Offensive Against City's Top Attorney Tim Curtin


ROCHESTER NY--Rochester City Council is calling for the immediate termination of the City's top attorney Tim Curtin.

The announcement comes two weeks after a special investigator hired by City Council released a report that found Curtin gave false information and bad legal advice in order to block the public release of body camera footage of Daniel Prude's arrest.

In September, Mayor Lovely Warren suspended Curtin for one month without pay for "failure to act, inform and follow policy procedure."

During a press conference Thursday, President Loretta Scott said City Council would pass the recommendation urging the Mayor to fire Curtin as a formal resolution "very shortly."

City Council said the revelations in the special investigator's report were examples of a broader pattern of "obstruction" and "falsification" on Curtin's part.

"This behavior that was revealed in the [special investigator's] report... reflected a much larger pattern of obstructionist behavior by Mr. Curtin," Councilmember Mitch Gruber said on behalf of City Council Thursday. "Since the very drafting of legislation to create a Police Accountability Board, Curtin has taken action to limit the power of both City Council and the PAB."

City Council also announced Thursday that, for the first time in history, it will hire its own chief legal counsel, partly to defend the powers it granted to the Police Accountability Board.

City Council's chief legal counsel will be separate from the City Administration's Corporation Counsel, and the hiring decision will be made with input form the Police Accountability Board, Council said.

City Council is continuing to fight a judicial decision limiting the PAB's disciplinary authority. Corporation Counsel Tim Curtin has claimed the decision limits the PAB's subpoena authority as well, a position advocates say has limited the PAB's ability to perform its duties.


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