Rochester Releases Police Disciplinary Records, But Questions Remain About Completeness of Database

ROCHESTER, NY--Last week, the City of Rochester launched a public database containing disciplinary records for 117 of about 730 current Rochester Police officers.

It's being colloquially called the "50a database" after the New York State law that was repealed last summer, paving the way for the public release of police disciplinary records.

The City of Rochester has touted the database as proof of its commitment to transparency and accountability. In a press release last week, Mayor Lovely Warren said "By sharing these important records, our residents can be confident that their complaints are not only heard, but reviewed; and when our officers are found to be not in compliance with the Department’s policies and procedures, they are held accountable."

But questions remain about what records and information were excluded from the database.

For more, we speak with Ted Forsyth, independent journalist and member of the Police Accountability Board Alliance.



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