Taking Cue From Italy, Rochester Musicians Launch Daily Musical Happenings Online


(WXIR-Rochester) The spread of COVID-19 has forced many musicians to cancel performances and move music lessons online.

The isolation associated with social distancing can be challenging. But Rochester-based musicians Laura Lentz and Siena Facciolo have a plan to infuse a little more "public" music-making into every day.

Although they don't know each other IRL (i.e., in real life), they recently came together online in an attempt to replicate one of the things they've seen people in Italian cities doing to cope with COVID: every evening, going to the window and performing for each other.

For the past few days, Lentz and Facciolo have been playing something on Facebook Live for their neighbors, real and virtual. They hope 6PM Music in Rochester will start to catch on.

It's about "tapping into the humanity and finding connection," says Lentz.

She and Facciolo hope it will bring a little joy to a community that is still in the early stages of the coronavirus crisis... and provide an outlet for musicians cooped up at home.